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13 Years of Blogging

posted in Must-see on 2021-12-31   , ,

I'm committing to posting a report at the end of each year. A report about this blog. I did the last one five years ago when this place was eight years old.

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Surviving the Web

posted in Must-see on 2017-03-03   , ,

I'm a proud father of two and programmer for more then 15 years. My kids are small so I'm really into parenting right now. A bit of a problem for me is to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies in the Web. I really love my job but I just don't have enough time to look after all these frameworks, libraries or tools. I used to read Twitter, monitor RSS feeds and spend hours reading Reddit or Medium. However, no time for that anymore.

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Bulgaria Web Summit 2017 is just around the corner

posted in Must-see on 2017-01-30   , ,

One of my favorite conferences Bulgaria Web Summit 2017 is just around the corner. I’m happy to attend again. The organizer prepared a good set of speakers and the event is two days this year.

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8 Years of blogging

posted in Must-see on 2017-01-02   , ,

The first article on this blog is published on 22th of August 2008. It’s about a website which I saw at FWA. Eight years later I’m still publishing stuff here and because it is the beginning of a new year I decided to give you some statistics.

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Full Stack Fest and CSS day Videos

posted in Must-see on 2016-09-23  

One of the ways to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies is to watch talks from popular conferences. Here are two of my favorite ones:

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DevTools in 2016: Accelerate your workflow

posted in Must-see on 2016-05-22  

What a nice improvements of Google Chrome's DevTools. Amazing stuff!!!

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My new experiment is released - 10 Lessons in Front-end ebook

posted in Must-see on 2016-03-10   , ,

It's finally done. My first self-publishing ebook is released. The book is available here. I'm running a free giveaway for the next five days. So, subscribe for my newsletter at this address and you'll get a free coupon that will lower the price to 0$.

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Choosing Your Javascript Framework

posted in Must-see on 2015-06-04  

A really nice infographic for one of the most popular JavaScript client-side frameworks - Angular, Ember and Backbone.

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The proper way of fixing bugs

posted in Must-see on 2015-02-11   , ,

I could split my programming experience in two parts. The first one is a little bit more creative. That's the time where the application still does not exist. You invent and architect the program. The second part is extending and fixing the already created system. They, these two parts, have their own interesting and boring sides. However, I believe that they both are in the essence of delivering quality software. This article focuses on bug fixing. It aims to give you bunch of advices how to properly handle the problems in your applications.

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Bulgaria Web Summit / must-go conference for the modern web person

posted in Must-see on 2015-02-03   , ,

The year is 2005. At that time I was a student in Technical University of Varna. As every normal student I had to visit the building of the university from time to time. read more comments

Merry Front-End Christmas

posted in Must-see on 2014-12-24   , ,

Christmas is just around the corner. I thought that I should post something. Recently I watchedvideos from two big front-end conferences. So, here is my present for you. A few talks that I think worth attention.

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How I squeezed two hours and a half

posted in Must-see on 2014-11-21   , ,

Usually I don't write such articles but this time I'll share my story. I was going to fly from London to Bulgaria. The flight is two hours and a half which is (by my opinion) enough to get bored. When I was traveling from Bulgaria to London I used my phone a lot. I read lots of stuff for reactive programming, played few games, ate some snacks. However, for the way back I wasn't prepared.

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My front-end performance case study

posted in Must-see on 2014-08-25   , ,

I’m reading and watching a lot of interesting things regarding client-side performance. I’m interested in the browser’s processes happening before and just after the page’s load. There are tons of stuff to think about. Before a couple of days, I joined the online workshop of Vitaly Friedman. I had a great time and learned some clever facts about performance optimization.

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The three rules of the good CSS architecture

posted in Must-see on 2014-07-15   , ,
CSS is easy? CSS is messy! And as a project grows, it only gets messier. You find yourself throwing !important at everything or fighting with long selectors just to get a style to overrule another. Projects eventually become unmanageable and you pray for the next redesign when you can burn it all down and start from scratch. read more comments

Usersnap - the holy grail of bug reporting

posted in Must-see on 2014-07-15   , ,

The bug reporting is something very important for us. As developers, we produce code that should work everywhere. Not only on our machines. No matter how many times we test our application it often happens that it does not work properly for the client. We all know how helpful is an email with text “It does not work. Fix it ASAP!”. Usersnap is amazing tool that removes the gap between you (the developer) and the non-techy guy from the other side.

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Mobile Web performance auditing

posted in Must-see on 2014-07-10  
Building high performance sites and apps is crucial to your success on the web, and never more so as people start using smartphones as their primary means of internet access. But how can you make sure you're squeezing out every last bit of performance from your projects? In this talk we'll look at the tools you need to succeed and how to integrate them into your workflow. read more comments

Packt Publishing celebrates 10 years with a special $10 offer

posted in Must-see on 2014-07-01   , ,

It has been 10 years since Packt Publishing embarked on its mission to deliver effective learning and information services to IT professionals. In that time, it has published over 2000 titles and helped projects become household names, awarding over $400,000 through its Open Source Project Royalty Scheme.

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Hungry for knowledge #2 - the Sunday's talks collection

posted in Must-see on 2014-06-29   , ,

It's again Sunday and I'm planning to watch talks. Last week few conferences shared their recordings. I got some nice videos from Twitter and again my bookmarks bar is full with YouTube and Vimeo links. So, it's time to clear it a bit and make room for the next weekend. Here is my plan: read more comments

Hungry for knowledge - Scotland JS 2014 talks

posted in Must-see on 2014-06-22   , ,

These are screencasts from the this year's Scotland JS conferences. It happened on 9th and 10th of May. If you are a JavaScript developer you will probably want to see the talks.

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"Help, I'm stuck in an event-loop" by Philip Roberts

posted in Must-see on 2014-06-22   , ,
Us JavaScript programmers like to use words like, "event-loop", "non-blocking", "callback", "asynchronous", "single-threaded" and "concurrency". We say things like "don't block the event loop", "make sure your code runs at 60 frames-per-second", "well of course, it won't work, that function is an asynchronous callback!". read more comments

Why I'm happy to be a web developer

posted in Must-see on 2014-06-13   , ,

You may not realize it but we, as web developers, have special powers. We could control the Web. Here are two annoying things that I was able to workaround just because I know how to use DevTools.

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Jenn Schiffer: What's the Harm In Sorting: Sanitizing Inputs For More Optimized JS

posted in Must-see on 2014-06-10  
Jenn Schiffer introduces jortSort. If you want to know what is all about, check out the talk. read more comments retrospection

posted in Must-see on 2014-05-13   , ,

Okey, I normally don't write such articles. The things that I am writing about are technical stuff, concepts, experiments related to my job. However, this time will be a little bit different. I had a chance to speak at Codefront conference. And because it was so awesome I decided to share my experience.

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Mandy Lauderdale & Jed Schmidt: JavaScript Medley

posted in Must-see on 2014-05-08  
Today I landed on the site of JSConfEU. I was browsing and opened this video. What a great surprise! read more comments is around the corner

posted in Must-see on 2014-04-25   , ,

There are only two weeks left before the international front-end conference in Linz - It's organized by the guys from WebBox and it's scheduled for 10th of May. You still have a chance to buy a ticket and listen interesting talks about our lovely Web.

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EdgeConf 3

posted in Must-see on 2014-04-16  

A conference with a great format. It's more like a discussion panel. It's really informative. Some of the top developers nowadays talk about the future of the Web.

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Harry Roberts - Normalising designs for better quality CSS

posted in Must-see on 2013-12-01  
Harry Robers gave some very good advices about designing process. If you receive a lot of PSDs and have to convert them to a web pages then you really need to watch this. read more comments

The Power Of Simplicity by Jeremy Keith

posted in Must-see on 2013-11-27  
Ok guys, there are talks which you should watch. That's one of those. Really! So many truths in just 50 minutes. read more comments

Martin Kleppe: 1024+ Seconds of JS Wizardry -- JSConf EU 2013

posted in Must-see on 2013-11-05  
If think that you know JavaScript, I have some news to you. You are not right. Watch this video and you will be amazed how many things you can do with only 8 characters. read more comments

Making HTTP realtime with HTTP 2.0 - Realtime Conf 2013 by Ilya Grigorik

posted in Must-see on 2013-11-03  
Very handy talk by Ilya Grigorik. Full with helpful tips and great explanation of HTTP 2.0. read more comments

JSConf EU 2013

posted in Must-see on 2013-10-12  
An amazing talks from JSConf EU this year. read more comments

Videos from TarnovoConf 2013

posted in Must-see on 2013-10-08   ,
I had a chance to make a talk on TarnovoConf 2013. My topic was "CSS for developers". The videos are now available in YouTube. read more comments

Auxilio Chrome extension or how I boost my productivity

posted in Must-see on 2013-09-04   , ,

I'll be honest and I'll say that I'm a bit lazy sometimes. I'm one of those developers which don't like to repeat same actions again and again. There are dozen of things which I have to do while working on a project. Very often I'm covering the development of several applications and have to switch between them. It's really annoying process. I hate to have many opened tabs in my browser, many consoles or several code editors. I always try to improve my productivity by automating tasks. I think that even switching between opened applications takes too much time.

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BurgasConf 2013

posted in Must-see on 2013-08-27  

The ITTour was in Burgas last weekend. I had the chance to be at the conference. A lot of great talks and nice time with smart people.

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Managing events in JavaScript

posted in Must-see on 2013-08-23   , ,

I just noticed that the most popular repository in my GitHub account is EventBus. There is already an article about it, but it's a little bit outdated. I needed to clarify few things, so here is a new one.

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Sweating the small stuff: recreating subtle design details using Sass by Tim Hettler

posted in Must-see on 2013-08-14  
Tim Hettler shows how to convert a beautiful button made in Photoshop to pure CSS. It looks that with a little math and SASS a lot of things became possible. read more comments

A Happy grain of sand - Aral Balkan

posted in Must-see on 2013-08-02  
User experience is everywhere. Aral Balkan talked about it in web, but with real life examples. Really great talk, which keeps you watching from the beginning to the end. Check out the talk here. read more comments

Stay tuned / conferences that you should know about

posted in Must-see on 2013-08-02   , ,

Nowadays is really difficult to be up to date with the latest technologies, concepts or tools. There are several ways to accomplish this. You could use RSS, check blogs regularly or follow as many people as possible in Twitter/Facebook. My way is to watch videos from various conferences.

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Angelina Fabbro: JavaScript Masterclass - JSConfUS 2013

posted in Must-see on 2013-08-01  
An amazing talk by Angelina Fabbro. If you want to know the difference between intermediate and expert developer - that's your video :). read more comments

Adapting to Responsive Design - Mark Boulton (Fronteers 2012)

posted in Must-see on 2013-07-27  
Responsive design involves more than just fluid grids and media queries. The move to adaptive web sites touches every part of an organisation: from content needs and content management, to editorial workflows and project management. The way we design and build web sites is changing, but the way we write, manage, and evolve our websites needs to change, too. Mark will share his thoughts and experience of how adopting responsive web design practices needs to begin in the boardroom, rather than the developer’s office. read more comments

VarnaConf 2013 Videos

posted in Must-see on 2013-07-23   , ,
I'm living in Varna, Bulgaria. Last year we had a great conference called VarnaConf. This year the guys behind it decided to make it again and even better - a series of conferences around my country. I had the chance to make a talk. read more comments

Brad Frost - For a Future Friendly Web - Mobile Mobile Conf 2013

posted in Must-see on 2013-07-16   ,
"As the digital landscape continues to become more complex, it's essential for us to start thinking beyond the desktop and embrace the unpredictability of the future. Mobile is forcing us to rethink the content we create and the context in which people interact with our products and services. This session will cover how to change our thinking and start acting differently in order to create more future-friendly experiences" read more comments

Rob Ashton - Javascript sucks and it doesn't matter

posted in Must-see on 2013-06-27  
Javascript has traditionally been the Marmite of the development world, people either love it or hate it and there is always that one person who did a bit of jQuery last year and is therefore ambivalent about the whole thing. read more comments

The New CSS Layout - Rachel Andrew - Front-Trends 2013

posted in Must-see on 2013-06-17  
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How to Design Responsively

posted in Must-see on 2013-06-10   , ,
It's a little big difficult for me to write long articles. This one is maybe the longest, which I ever wrote :) It collects my experience with responsive design. I believe that the ideas described in the material are important for our work as web designer and developers. David Walsh was really kind by publishing the article on his blog. You can find it here read more comments

Front-Trends 2013 (Videos)

posted in Must-see on 2013-06-04   ,
Front-Trends is one of the best conferences in Europe. It's based in Poland and it's happening every year. I watched all the videos from the previous editions and I could say that it's worth it. Some of the biggest names in front-end development on one stage. All the videos are available in Vimeo, but I decided to post them here as well. read more comments


posted in Must-see on 2013-06-03   , ,
Take a 20 minutes' break and read this. That's how Medium is created. It's really inspiring. read more comments

Lea Verou - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Web Standards (Fluent 2013)

posted in Must-see on 2013-06-01  
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Design Processes, Not Interfaces - Tiffany Conroy

posted in Must-see on 2013-05-19  
Computers are tools that help people accomplish tasks by making the process easier, faster, cheaper, less error-prone, or just more fun. But what tasks? And by what process? What parts of the process can the computer make better? How can users interact with the computer to make it do its part of the process? Only lastly can we ask: what must be presented to the user and how? read more comments

Jeremy Keith - There Is No Mobile Web - BD Conf, Sept 2011

posted in Must-see on 2013-05-18  
The range of devices accessing the web is increasing. We are faced with a choice in how we deal with this diversity. We can either fracture the web by designing a multitude of device-specific silos, or we can embrace the flexibility of the web and create experiences that can adapt to any device or browser. read more comments

Learning to teach - Bartosz Szopka

posted in Must-see on 2013-05-18   ,
Open web gives us a unique opportunity to learn about web technologies from the web itself. The source of every web page, stylesheet or script is only few clicks away, so it can easily become a learning material. I strongly believe that—as the builders of the web—we should care especially about those visitors of our web sites who want to learn something from our code. … And yes – the word ‘learn’ will occur many times in many forms during this talk. read more comments

A Pixel is Not a Pixel: Learn about Viewports with PPK

posted in Must-see on 2013-05-18  
In this technical presentation from the San Francisco HTML5 User Group PPK will explain why a pixel is not a pixel, what the differences between the desktop and mobile viewports are, and which bits web developers should care about. read more comments