Krasimir Tsonev

Krasimir Tsonev

Senior Engineer

My expertise

I am a senior software developer with over 15 years of experience in web development. My current career goal is to collaborate in building complex web applications. With a solid technical background I like to switch between Back-End and Front-End. I have a passion for open-source projects, public speaking, and actively participating in the development community.


Work Experience


50 Tips on JavaScript 50 Tips on JavaScript (Book) Self-publish
React in Patterns React in Patterns (Book) Self-publish
Node.js blueprints Node.js blueprints (Book) Publisher: Packt
Node.js by example Node.js by example (Book) Publisher: Packt
10 lessons learned in FE dvelopment 10 lessons in FE (Book) Self-publish
Lumina CMS Lumina (SaaS) A CMS as a service. (SaaS) A platform for video lessons on programming.
Contempas Contempas (SaaS) Platform for scheduled social media marketing.
Duma (Game) Wordle in Bulgarian
GitHub OS projects 200+ open source projects

Technical Skills

Front-end development Back-end development HTML CSS/SASS/LESS JavaScript TypeScript Node.js React.js Redux/redux-saga styled-components Jest/Enzyme/RTL Playwright Google Cloud Platform Firebase MySQL/PostgreSQL MongoDB Docker Kubernetes

My technical skills encompass a wide range of technologies due to the rapidly evolving nature of the web. Throughout my career, I have worked with various tools and frameworks. I have experience with Flash and ActionScript 2/3, LAMP projects, jQuery, Backbone, ExtJS, MooTools. I have experimented with Angular, Ember, and Knockout, but my preferred framework is React and its ecosystem. Last years I'm focusing on building everything with JavaScript/TypeScript. I feel comfortable working on the both back-end and front-end.

Over the years, I have worked on diverse projects, gaining intermediate knowledge in Unix and server administration. I have configured Apache and nginx and have worked with both SQL and NoSQL databases. Recently, I have been using Docker and Kubernetes within Google's cloud platform. I am proficient in using Git and various command-line instruments to automate workflows.

It's worth mentioning that my career started as a graphic designer using tools like Photoshop and CorelDRAW. I gradually transitioned to "web design" and then shifted towards programming roles.


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