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Bulgaria Web Summit 2017 is just around the corner

One of my favorite conferences Bulgaria Web Summit 2017 is just around the corner. I’m happy to attend again. The organizer prepared a good set of speakers and the event is two days this year.

First day (7th of April)

I used to speak at lots of events before and at some point I started enjoying talks not just because of the topic but because of the presentational skills of the lector. Aral Balkan is one of those speakers that know every little detail of his presentations. This combined with the really interesting topic (Decentralise Everything) makes me really happy to see him again. And that’s just the beginning. We’ll have Harry Roberts. If you write CSS you probably know him. He’s an author of bunch of interesting findings in the CSS spectrum. I personally learned a lot from him over the years so it will be nice to say Hi and chat with him face to face. I was surprised to see a speaker that has something with Apple - Fabio Benedetti. You know that this company is not usually allowing their employees speaking at events. Lara Hanlon and Borislav Kiprin will talk about better design/UX and Ada Rose Edwards about VR on the Web. We can’t go without the so important accessibility. Matt Stow will give a talk on “Building a better, accessible web”.

Second day (8th of April)

The second day is more of a techy day. We’ll see talks on React and Angular CLI Sebastian Witalec. [Marian Marinov](Practical MySQL Performance Optimization) will speak about optimizations in MySQL and Elena Kolevska will show us how to create modules for Redis. “Credential Management API Unleashed” is the talk of Tim Messerschmidt while Andrew Collier will show us how to diagnosing the long distance runner with Django, D3 and R. For me, as a JavaScript developer, will be interesting to see the presentation of Mathias Buus Madsen which is the author of more then 500 modules for npm.

As usual the conference offers wide range of topics and I’m sure that you’ll find something for you.

Venue and city

I spoke several times at the same venue and I could say that it’s on a nice location. It’s a building made for such events and the organization is good. The halls are really close to a metro station so Inter Expo Center is actually easily reachable from everywhere.

Last few years Sofia became a nice city. I personally don’t live there but enjoy my stays every time. Lots of things to see, good food and entertaining bars.


I know that visiting a conference is a matter of two things - time and money. If you have the time I’ll strongly recommend to come and see the event. I’m saying that because the entry for two days is 90 BGN which is roughly 45 euro. The are several cheap airlines flying to Sofia and the hotels in the center (as far as I remember) are ~40/50 euro/room per nigh.

For more info visit If you come ping me up. I’ll be more then happy to chat.

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