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Bulgaria Web Summit / must-go conference for the modern web person

The year is 2005. At that time I was a student in Technical University of Varna. As every normal student I had to visit the building of the university from time to time.

Once I spotted a poster. It was about an event happening in one of the big halls - WebTech. That was the first conference that I attended to. I still remember some of the speakers and their talks.

Ten years ago Bogomil Shopov organized these WebTech events. And guess what, he is still organizing conferences. I’m writing code ten years and I could say that doing something for that long means that you probably know how to do it properly.

Bulgaria Web Summit is annual event happening in Sofia, Bulgaria. The main organizer of the conference is the same guy - Bogomil. I was lucky to give a talk last year and it was amazing. Interesting talks covering different areas, cool speakers, chats, dinner, party. This year’s edition will be even better.

Aaaaand, some of the speakers are:

Jeremy Keith is an Irish developer giving inspiring talks about our lovely Web. There are bunch of people that affect my mind set. He is one of them. Just an idea of what to expect:

Daniel Glazman is a co-chairman of the W3C CSS working group. A group that takes care of the CSS specifications. It sounds like an important job to do and it is :)

Burak Yiğit Kaya is a JS ninja working for Disqus. As a JavaScript developer, I’m really interested in his talk.

Amelia Andersdotter is a Swedish politician and former member of the European Parliament. Definitely a speaker that you can not see on every conference.

The people that are interested in UX will be able to chat with the organizer of UX Oxford Mariana Mota Morris and Grigor Grigorov.

Startups are hot topic these days. Lloyd Waldo is working as content manager at StartupYard - one of the best accelerators in Europe.

The price

The ticket for the conference is 66 BGN which is approximately 30 euro. If you get a buddy with you will pay 50 euro. Even for a conference in eastern Europe is quite cheap. And Sofia became a nice city to visit. Most of the big airlines provide direct flights on good prices.

If you are still wondering

As a programmer, I think that the most interesting aspect of my job is the problems that I have to solve. There are a lot of problems and very often they are different. However, sooner or later you start recognizing patterns. Similar tasks, similar bugs, similar solutions.

The biggest benefit going to conferences is the fact that you see the problems of the others. And not only that, these people, the speakers, they share their solutions. You may never work in the same context and never meet the same problems. That’s your chance to learn something new and chat with bunch of smart people.

So, if 18th of April is a free day for you consider buying a ticket for Bulgaria Web Summit. It’s worth it.

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