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Why I'm happy to be a web developer

You may not realize it but we, as web developers, have special powers. We could control the Web. Here are two annoying things that I was able to workaround just because I know how to use DevTools.

Twitter's bug

On several places Twitter shows tooltip with the name of the users. However in one particular case that tooltip cannot be hidden. And because the web version of the site acts as a single page application I had to refresh the page in order to remove it. Here is the story:

I'm happy to be a web developer

I just deleted the node and continue browsing the tweets.

The message

Every week I'm playing football and there is a site that I use to book the playground. Very often the guys that handle the reservations post messages in the form of red text. The text is appearing very slow from right to left. However, normally I'm interested in the last part of the message and because the animation is so slow I have to wait around 10 seconds to see the it. Thankfully to Chrome's DevTools I could see the whole message in a second.

I'm happy to be a web developer

The missing banner

Before a couple of years I made a site for a friend. There is a flash banner that was published in the sidebar, but now they want to change it. And of course, because it was long time ago the source file is lost. So, they asked me if I can somehow download the banner and change it. Two seconds later I had the .swf file on my desktop.

I'm happy to be a web developer

Do you have such moments? Feel free to comment below.

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