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Hungry for knowledge #2 - the Sunday's talks collection

It's again Sunday and I'm planning to watch talks. Last week few conferences shared their recordings. I got some nice videos from Twitter and again my bookmarks bar is full with YouTube and Vimeo links. So, it's time to clear it a bit and make room for the next weekend. Here is my plan:

Aral Balkan - Free is a Lie - Thinking Digital 2014

At Thinking Digital 2013, Aral Balkan delivered the most watched and favourited Thinking Digital talk of all time. In 2014, Aral returned to Thinking Digital to deliver a blistering talk about the state of the Internet today. He argues that "free is a lie" and that we (via our personal data) are all being quietly farmed for profit by the superpowers of the Web.

Aral Balkan - Free is a Lie - Thinking Digital 2014 from Thinking Digital on Vimeo.

XSS (No, the other 'S') - CSSConf EU 2013

Cross-site scripting attacks are dangerous, and common enough that you're all probably familiar with them. Unfortunately that last word, "scripting", has ensured that our collective understanding of injection attacks remains fundamentally tied up with JavaScript. Cross-site styling is actually more capable than you might expect; it's quite possible to exfiltrate sensitive data (like passwords!) without any script at all. This talk will walk through some of the cleverly malicious activity that CSS makes possible, and discuss some mechanisms for mitigating the risk that your sites and applications might be effected.

Velocity 2014

Velocity is the essential training event for web professionals, exploring Web Performance, Operations, Mobile, and Culture & Organizational Change--everything that contributes to sites being fast, scalable, resilient, and highly available.

Web Rebels 2014

The Web Rebels conference is a non-profit, community driven conference for everyone who loves developing applications and services using web technology.

All the videos could be found here.

Google I/O - Keynote

I don't think that we need a description for this conference. Watch all the videos from this year's Google I/O here.

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