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My new experiment is released - 10 Lessons in Front-end ebook

It's finally done. My first self-publishing ebook is released. The book is available here. I'm running a free giveaway for the next five days. So, subscribe for my newsletter at this address and you'll get a free coupon that will lower the price to 0$.

10 Lessons in Front-end ebook by Krasimir Tsonev

Even though some of the chapters present basic concepts in front-end development the book is more about medium and advanced programmers. It's a collection of 10+ curated articles published on "10 Lessons in Front-end" we'll show you ES6 features, Flux design pattern, animations in HTML or how to smoothly run your application in 60 frames per second. You'll learn about the dependency injection in Angular or string-to-dom-element trick in jQuery. The book is not the typical step-by-step tutorial. It forms a wonderful mix of interesting topics by touching different front-end technologies.

Here are all the chapters:

  • Constructive destructuring
  • CSS: :before and :after pseudo elements in practice
  • JavaScript template engine in just 20 lines
  • Introduction to animations in HTML
  • Dependency injection in JavaScript
  • Revealing the magic: How to properly convert HTML string to a DOM element
  • Distributing React components
  • Feeding the beast at 60fps
  • Dissection of Flux architecture or how to write your own
  • Deep dive into client-side routing
  • Unexpected usage of Array.length
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