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101 начина как да вбесим дизайнера

Интересни коментари събрани от Иво Илиев (оригинален текст):001. Чудесно! Точно така си го представях… само че малко по-различно.002. Вчера с комшията говорихме и ми даде страхотна идея. Виж ся как ше стане дизайна…003. Имам само една, две леки забележки. Имаш ли полвин час да ги изкоментираме?004. Добре е , но неможеш ли малко да го поразчупиш?005. Искам го 1:1 с това, но да е малко по-различно. more

Web Highlights #4

Everyday I'm reading or watching something which I find helpful. Normally I bookmark those things, but at the end I have dozen of folders and subfolders which I never check. So, I decided to make such blog post where I'll share valuable things in the net. more

Email not working after DNS change

I just recently moved my domain to Zeit name servers. That's my 13 years old domain which I'm not using it anymore. It makes sense to point to The thing is that I have an email which is used all over the net. I of course want to keep that email. And suddenly I wasn't able to receive messages to it. I started missing some very important emails. Like bills that have to be paid and GitHub notifications. more

What the heck is Google Tag Manager and what it has to do with Google Analytics

Just recently I had to do changes in Google Tag Manager at work. It's interesting how I keep forgetting how everything works. So I finally decided to sit down and write an article about these things. If nothing else I will have a good memory snapshot to remind me what is what. more

Configure Google domain email in Vercel with ImprovMX

Back in February last year I blog on topic Email not working after DNS change. Well, I had kinda similar situation but not exactly. This time I bought a domain from Google and wanted to use an email with it. The setup wasn't obvious for me so I decided to document the process. more