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# Fun

Practice, practice, practice ...

posted in Fun on 2013-03-28  

Solving three cubes while juggling them

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Bleep Blap Bloop

posted in Fun on 2012-09-12   bleep blap bloop
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First person view of a mountain bike race in urban Chile.

posted in Fun on 2011-03-04  
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Joe Flemke: A Short Skate Film

posted in Fun on 2011-02-13  
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Beat machines

posted in Fun on 2011-01-22  
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Java 4ever

posted in Fun on 2011-01-13  
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101 начина как да вбесим дизайнера

posted in Fun on 2010-11-04   google

Интересни коментари събрани от Иво Илиев (оригинален текст):001. Чудесно! Точно така си го представях… само че малко по-различно.002. Вчера с комшията говорихме и ми даде страхотна идея. Виж ся как ше стане дизайна…003. Имам само една, две леки забележки. Имаш ли полвин час да ги изкоментираме?004. Добре е , но неможеш ли малко да го поразчупиш?005. Искам го 1:1 с това, но да е малко по-различно.

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Killa Appz - nice promotion

posted in Fun on 2010-09-01  

A funny way to promote your work.

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The Great Office War - IT vs S.A.L.E.S

posted in Fun on 2008-09-08   sales department check great battle
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The website is down !

posted in Fun on 2008-09-04   tech support person video clip hilarious fun video clip life
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