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How to Design Responsively

posted in Design on 2013-06-25   , ,

In this article I want to share my thoughts regarding responsive design. I made several talks on this subject and this post is some kind of summary. The article presents concepts like mobile first and design in the browser.

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One day in the life of the front developer

posted in Design on 2012-09-25  
I decided to record my screen during my latest slicing. read more comments

Discussion about Photoshop at VarnaLab

posted in Design on 2012-09-05   , ,
A screen capture of the discussion about Photoshop at VarnaLab. read more comments

Creation process of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games emblem

posted in Design on 2012-08-22  
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Free nice Icons by Yummygum

posted in Design on 2011-01-06   ,
Absolutely free icons for commercial and non-commercial projects. Check out here. read more comments

Words vs Colors

posted in Design on 2008-08-28   , ,
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5 helpful tips in photoshop

posted in Design on 2008-08-26   , ,
1. Moving background layer - sometimes you want to move the background layer. But by default it's locked. So just click twice on the layer and choose "OK" in the popup message. The layer will be transformed to normal layer. read more comments