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5 helpful tips in photoshop

1. Moving background layer - sometimes you want to move the background layer. But by default it's locked. So just click twice on the layer and choose "OK" in the popup message. The layer will be transformed to normal layer.

2. Cancel text editing - when you finish typing text and want to quit the text editing mode. Just click ctrl + Enter. 3. Using the lasso tool - the lasso tool is really helpful tool for isolating a part of the image or just clearing some part of it. When I started to work with Photoshop I didn't like it, because if I have made a mistake I had to start again from the beginning. But actually it's not like that. If you make a wrong point with this tool click "delete" button of the keyboard. It will erase the last added dot. 4. Using Quick Mask mode - if you want to make precise selection, this tool is for you. Use the shortcut and press "Q" button of the keyboard. Now you are in Quick Mask mode. You can use the Brush tool to paint the area that's actually your selection. In my daily work I'm using this mode for resizing the selection that is made with Marquee tool. 5. Zoom in / Zoom out - if you want to zoom in or zoom out, but you are using the mouse for something else, you can't click on the Zoom tool in tools panel. Little trick is to hold "ctrl" and press "space" button on the keyboard. The glass icon will show up and you will be able to zoom in. To zoom out hold "space" and press "alt".

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