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Send message from web page to chrome extension\'s background script

I just answer on that question in StackOverflow. I think that this is a common quetion so it worths writing about it.

The idea is use the content script as a bridge between your web page and the background script. Let's get the following code put in the background:

chrome.runtime.onMessage.addListener(function(message, sender, sendResponse) {
    alert("message received");
    type : 'popup',
    url : "",
    type: "popup"
}, function(newWindow) {


The first part of the snippet actually waits for a message coming from the content script. That's the place where you will be notified that something occur inside your web page. The second part creates a new window which loads the given url. (You may skip that. I added it in the article just because the question in stackoverflow contains it.)

In your web page you have to dispatch an event by using the document object:

    var go = function() {
        var event = document.createEvent('Event');
<a href="javascript:go();">Click me</a>

And at the end your content script should contain:

document.addEventListener("hello", function(data) {

You just catch the event send from the page and send another one to the background script.

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