author: Krasimir Tsonev

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NADCAST.15 live recorded at React.NotAConf

Episode #15 of NADCAST was live recorded at ReactNotAConf conference in Sofia on 28th of April. After every presentation we've made a panel with the speaker and ask topic related questions. So, if you listen the whole episode you'll get a pretty good overview of what the conference was about.

  • 00:38 - Introduction
  • 01:30 - Martin Chaov (Integrating React Into Legacy Projects)
  • 05:55 - Rado Stankov talk
  • 07:42 - Carolyn Stransky (Humanizing Your Documentation)
  • 12:51 - Rebecca Hill (Structuring Your App鈥檚 Story With Sagas and Selectors)
  • 16:42 - Vladimir Tasev (Reactive Blockchain)
  • 19:30 - Jan Monschke (Garbage Collection in Modern Web Applications)
  • 37:27 - Kristin Baumann (Designing with React)
  • 55:41 - Vladimir Vladimirov (Rebuilding Product Hunt Mobile with React.Native)
  • 01:08:00 - Chipchatting with all the speakers

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