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The Breakpoint

A bunch of useful things about our lovely browser - Chrome. Dev tools theming, console tips, editing of SASS directly inside the browser.

The Breakpoint Ep. 6: Accelerating Load Time, Run Time, and JS tooling

Published on 14 Mar 2013 In this episode, Addy and Paul look at improving the speed of authoring, the load performance and runtime performance of JavaScript apps. * First up, a case study of reducing Wikipedia's load time by 15 seconds (!) with the Chrome DevTools' Timeline. * Next, The trials and tribulations of the null transforms (aka translateZ(0)) * After, understanding the available JavaScript language tooling landscape. What tools can keep you from making poor mistakes and improve your code's maintainability. * Lastly, a preview of the soon-available Snippets feature in DevTools

Breakpoint Episode 5: DevTools Grab bag

Published on 11 Jan 2013 It's a brand new year and Paul Irish and Addy Osmani are back with a grab bag of DevTools tips and tricks. Learn how the DevTools overrides can help you debug your mobile apps, see the experimental support for CSS Regions, identify what initiated all your network requests, and inspect your websocket data. We'll also cover the native memory instrumentation and use the debugger to inspect internal properties of bound JavaScript functions.

The Breakpoint Ep. 4 —The Tour De Timeline

Streamed live on 7 Dec 2012 Ask and vote for questions at: The DevTools' Timeline shows the heartbeat and health of your application's performance. In this episode we'll do a deep deep dive into how to uncover the cost of internal browser operations like parsing HTML, decoding images, invalidating layout geometry and painting to screen. Paul and Addy will show you how best to approach improving the performance of your CSS and JS.

The Breakpoint Ep 3: The Sourcemap Spectacular with Paul Irish and Addy Osmani

Streamed live on 15 Nov 2012 Ask and vote for questions at Take Coffeescript to Javascript to Minified and all the way back with source maps. In addition to a new Coffeescript sourcemap workflow, we'll cover the latest sourcemap updates so you can understand how to dramatically improve your debugging experience. Finally, Paul and Addy will be joined by special guest—Yeoman core contributor Sindre Sorhus—to discuss what big new changes are coming to the project.

The Breakpoint Ep. 2: Chrome DevTools with Paul Irish and Addy Osmani

Streamed live on 1 Nov 2012 Ask and vote for questions at: Addy Osmani and the (real) Paul Irish return for the second live episode of the Breakpoint - a new show focusing on developer tooling and workflow. This week they'll be showing us brand new SASS, feature inspection and console features in the Chrome Developer Tools. If you want your to stay on the bleeding edge of tooling, you won't want to miss it.

The Breakpoint Ep. 1: Chrome DevTools with Addy Osmani and Paul Lewis

Streamed live on 11 Oct 2012 In this first episode of the The Breakpoint—a show dedicated to developer tools and time-saving techniques—Addy Osmani and Paul Lewis (sitting in for Paul Irish who was out sick) talk about Yeoman.

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