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HTML5: a few links to bookmark

There are tons of information in the internet today. And new stuff are coming all the time. It is really not possible (at least for me) to be up to date with everything. I used RSS before, but very soon my reader was full with content and again I wasn't able to follow all the blogs/developers. Now I'm checking regularly Twitter and Envato network. However, last few weeks I found several sites which worth checking.

Daily news around HTML5

Indeed, very helpful link. 艩ime Vidas collect the most interesting stuff around HTML5.

The definitive front-end performance guide

The good performance became one of the most important things in our apps. That's a great site which presents tips in this direction.

Learn CSS layout

There are always some questions regarding CSS layout. A very informative and accurate description about that.

GoogleDevelopers channel

You should definitelly subscribe to this channel.
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