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Reported Attack Page in Firefox

Before a couple of days the code of my site was injected with some milware script code. In this article I will advice you how to remove this message.

First of all, you should know that the reason for this message is that google has found bad/dangerous code into your site. So you should download all the files from your server and check them. Remove the added code and upload a new clean version. If you can't find the milware parts use some of the tools listed here. Usually the milware programs add code in the html, js or php files. If you are sure that the code of your site is clean follow the steps below:1. Go to (if you don't have an account in webmaster tools, make it. It's free)2. Click "add a site" and paste the url of the infected site[2]3. Verify your site (I think the easier way is to choose "Add a meta tag to your site's home page")[3]4. Add the code in your tag and click verify5. Choose "Diagnostics" and then "Malware"6. Then click "Request a review"[4]7. Check the box "I certify that I have removed badware or badware links from my site, according to's Security Tips For Websites." and click "Request a review"8. Wait several hours for the results. Usually takes no more then 7/8 hoursP.S.if you want to see how the code of your site looks like you can use

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