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Great review for

Special thanks to Tim Martinez for his review in Martinez:"The site I chose is the portfolio site of Web Designer and Developer, Krasimir Tsonev.When you hit the site, right off the bat you’re presented with a simple pre-loader and then up comes the navigation. I like the navigation because it starts off centred and one column. I like that the focus is on the navigation and it’s just so clean. The menu has a large font and is easy to read, plus you get a cool rollover. Now when you click on something in the navigation, it gives you what you want right away. When you click on “Work”, then the navigation shifts over and you get a two-column thing going on. The second column then has the submenu items under Work and you get sweet rollovers again. The site’s functionality is very simple. The site’s layout is just so simple. I like it.

"His Skills link and Contact link take you to its own separate page, straight to the point. The blog link links to his separate blog, and his Resume link takes you to his simple and clean resume.This site is incredibly easy to use and very clean and that’s why I like it. It gives you what you want and in a slick way. I think anyone using this site would agree that it’s usability is simple. Visually, it’s nice; the colours of the background are pleasant, and the designer used the space well. One last thing, it has cool music in the background with the option of turning it off."

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