author: Krasimir Tsonev

Hi there, I'm . Senior front-end engineer with over 13 years of experience. I write, speak and occasionally code stuff.

Adding outline of text or MovieClip in Flash with AS3

As you probably know there is no such kind of option. We should deal with a little AS3 code.
The solution is to add glow filter to the DisplayObject (i.e. TextField or MovieClip). I wrapped the code in one simple function:
public static
    function addOutline(obj: * , color: uint, thickness: int = 2): void {
      var outline: GlowFilter = new GlowFilter();
      outline.blurX = outline.blurY = thickness;
      outline.color = color;
      outline.quality = BitmapFilterQuality.HIGH;
      outline.strength = 100;
      var filterArray: Array = new Array();
      obj.filters = filterArray;
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