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FlashDevelop scripting: open file by name (part 2)

After a couple of days of using my script for file opening I decided to rewrite it and add more functionalities.

The previous version used to take the current text's selection and was trying to search for a file with same name. The new version of the script works more like a file explorer. It still uses your selection, but now you can see all the files that match your criteria. The dialog looks like that:[1]Of course you can type whatever you want in the input field and the results will be changed immediately. You can use \\, _ or / as a separator between the directories. [2][3][4]There are several keys that you can use to speed up your work:1. When you are typing in the input boxa) Esc - close the dialogb) Tab - change the focus to the results' panel2. When you are in the results' panela) Esc - close the dialogb) Up or Down - move through the resultsc) Enter - open the selected fileYou can also open files by double clicking on them.The code of the script is available here. Instructions on how to integrate it in your FlashDevelop: here.

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