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Competition for developers and game enthusiasts with cash prizes

AE Ventures (part of Alkuvoima East Group) is developing a game engine called Activation Engine for real life gaming, where gaming missions become part of everyday activities. These games can be created by anyone and are geared towards learning and casual entertainment.

Activation Engine is developed in an open ecosystem, where developers and content producers can create games and extend the game engine, create games that carry a license fee and provide customisation services for educational institutions and companies wishing to use Activation Engine for their learning and gaming purposes.

To encourage developers to try out the platform and to enhance the concept, we are hosting a very early phase game content developer & game extension developer competition. Since this is an early phase of the venture, we don't expect the turnout of developers to be very large, which should create good opportunities to winning the cash price with moderate effort.

This competition is marketed only to developers in and around Varna.


Based on the popularity of the game, prize will be awarded to game with biggest number of active players between 15th of March and 31st of May. Active player is a player that has completed at least 20 game missions, which should be spread over at least four days. You can tweak the game during the whole competition time and promote in the best way you see fit. After the competition, you can also turn your game into a paid game, charging a fee for playing more advanced levels.


Activation Engine makes it possible to create custom mission types. These mission extensions are shared for all game makers and their popularity is determined by the number of times they have been used in games, time spent playing them and completion rate of tasks using the extension. Most popular game extension between 15th of March and 31st of May will be awarded with the prize money.

Mission extension toolkit can be downloaded from the Activation Engine game site from 13th of February onwards. Extension is based on PHP, but it can utilise any client and server side technology.

AE Ventures is hosting an event for potential Activation Engine developers on 20th of February, at 17:30, address Dragoman str. 9, fl.3, 9000 Varna. Refreshments, pool playing and some other goodies served. Participate to gain an unfair advantage… :-) Session held in English. Please sign up to this event, latest on 19th of February, at with title "AE INFO". To participate in the competitions, please email with title "COMPETITION".

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