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Book review: Getting Started with Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner

I just finishing reading Getting Started with Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner. The same book that we (I and Packt publishing) run a contest for. You could still joint it here and win a free copy.

I spend the couple of free days reading the book and it definitely worths it. And instead of keeping that experience only for me I decided to write a blog post.

Why you should read the book

Grunt, along with Gulp, is one of the most popular task runners available. There are more then 1600 plugins developed and we are able to automate almost everything. Especially helpful for front-end development, Grunt is a driving force in the modern Web with more then 7000 downloads per day.

Who is this book written for

It's interesting that the book is suitable for beginners but at the same time is helpful for experience developers. I personally found some new and challenging stuff. The reader should have at least some knowledge in JavaScript, but not necessary experience with task runners or Node.js.

The content

The book starts with few words about Grunt but surprisingly continues with some practical examples of usage. I found this as a very good direction, because we may see some real use cases before to go into the details. The next chapters introduce the tasks' writing and some advanced techniques. They cover everything, from the installation of the library to testing and Grunt plugins. The book is roughly 120 pages and it is a nice read for your free time.

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