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Web Highlights #6

Everyday I'm reading or watching something which I find helpful. Normally I bookmark those things, but at the end I have dozen of folders and subfolders which I never check. So, I decided to make such blog post where I'll share valuable things in the net.


A Place for Sharing Ideas and Stories.

JavaScript: Avoiding Repeated Work

Few helpful advices from David Walsh.

Become a Better, Faster Front-End Developer

So you're a pretty great web developer already. You've got some killer CSS chops (cross browser even), perhaps you've been a Photoshop expert for years, and you've got enough jQuery knowledge to make almost any chained animation go smoothly.

The State Of Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web design has been around for some years now, and it was a hot topic in 2012. Many well-known people such as Brad Frost and Luke Wroblewski have a lot of experience with it and have helped us make huge improvements in the field. But there’s still a whole lot to do.

Your Web, documented.

Open community of developers building resources for a better web

Clown Car Technique: Solving Adaptive Images In Responsive Web Design

Adaptive images are the current hot topic in conversations about adaptive and responsive Web design. Why? Because no one likes any of the solutions thus far. New elements and attributes are being discussed as a solution for what is, for most of us, a big headache: to provide every user with one image optimized for their display size and resolution, without wasting time, memory or bandwidth with a client-side solution.


Create mobile apps with HTML5 and JavaScript


n more recent terminology, DPI is often used for the actual device pixels and Dots Per Pixel (dppx) for the amount of device pixels per CSS pixel (e.g. in Retina displays this will be 2).


The best free JavaScript resources

Making things with maths - Steven Wittens

The browser used to be a meek sandbox, shut off from all the things that native apps could do. But now we've grown up, and with WebGL, Canvas, Web Audio, Device Access and more, we have a lot of power at our fingertips. To really unlock this potential and make all this data dance, we need maths.

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