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ExpressionEngine: thumbnail could not be created for the image under Windows

I'm a Windows user and I'm working on a ExpressionEngine based site. I'm using EasyPHP as a server and everything works as expected. However, once I decided to upload a file I got "Thumbnail could not be created for the image. Please make sure the thumbnail directory is writable.".

The problem was in the format of the path. Windows require \ (back slash) and not / (forward slash. In my case the configuration is used in a PHP file. I'm using the setup suggested by Focus Lab. You may read more about it here. All I need to do is to write a script that makes the change. And of course only when the current environment is Windows. So, here it is:
// converting / to \ because of Windows

if(defined('PHP_OS') && strtoupper(substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3)) === 'WIN') {
$env_config['upload_preferences'][1]['server_path'] = str_replace("/", "\\", $env_config['upload_preferences'][1]['server_path']);

If you don't use any fancy setup for the configurations, then simply go to CP Home > File Manager > File Upload Preferences > Edit File Upload Preferences and update the value of Server Path to Upload Directory.
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