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Accessing remote Git server under windows

Let's say that you have an access to remote server which has Git installed. A trivial case if you use unix based OS. But what if you use Windows :)

First of all I'll suggest to install GitHub for Windows. It comes with a nice GitShell, which I'm using to manage my repositories under Windows.

So, the first thing you usually do is to clone your project:

git clone

In my case everything works ok except the fact that I wasn't able to push. It was like that, because I clone the repository via http instead to use https. Once I fix that I typed:

git remote -v

and the result was something like:

origin https:///.git/ (fetch)
origin https:///.git/ (push)

So far, so good. Now I tried to push my changes with:

git push origin master

And I got:

error: Cannot access URL , return code 22
fatal: git-http-push failed

I was using https, but probably the server can't authorize me. So, the solution was to change my remotes. I.e. to include my server credentials inside the urls like that:

git remote set-url origin https://:@/.git

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